Welcome to Silamas Transport


Over the past 29 years, we have handled, with experience and expertise, transportation of heavy cargo. For this reason, many leading companies – among them PTT, Thaioil, SCG – have entrusted us to use our transport service for their project. Our safety measure meet international standards : our transport staff is trained as well as their performance on the road is monitored around the clock by our Road Safety Control Center at headquarters using GPS, which enable us to watch our trucks real time throughout their journeys. Our ultimate goal is to achieving zero accident and best performance.



As part of Silamas’s commitment to offering complete turnkey barge services in the marine and offshore sectors, we is proud to offer an end – to – end barge heavy transportation service, from Project Management through to site moves, loadout and enhanced marine services. Our engineers provide engineering analysis and marine operational supervision on land and at sea, to safety delivery the best solutions for clients. The preparation of proposale, procedures, technical writing and engineering reports is also available. Our engineering division is dedicated to providing full support of marine operations and barge service.


Roll on / Roll off

During the entire roll on / roll off process, including the pre – roll on / roll off stage, all the parties including the roll on / roll off team, the client representatives and the Marine Warranty Survey are actively involved

The preparation of the roll on / roll off commencement not only includes the equipment checking / commissioning but also the readiness checking of all presonnel involved in the roll on / roll off operation.


Heavy Lifting

Silamas is specialized in heavy lifting solution. Our specialty is provide suitable crane equipment and lifting study for the customer.

Silamas attends to each of the critical factors of heavy lifting in the greatest possible detail : engineered studies are performed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency; plans are drafted to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project path; and finally, Silamas’s lifting professionals execute the plan according to the highest safety standards.



Providing comprehensive machine installation solutions for machinery, industrial plant and mechanical infrastructure.

A key part of our service is listening and working in partnership with our clients to ensure not only a successful installation of the machinery but also a delivery that’s on time and on budget.

Please take a moment to look through our case studies to see a small sample of the successful machinery installation projects that we have already delivered.


Factory Relocation

We specialize in the relocation of plants and factories and transportation of machinery and industrial equipment. Our industrial relocation projects are planned in detail to ensure the delivery of the equipment safely.

So if your job involves additional works such as decommissioning, removing existing machinery or relocating it to another site the our team of experienced engineers will undertake whatever you need them to do.


Jacking & Skidding

Jacking systems provide a cost – effective lifting solution for the movement of a wide rage of structures, from single buildings, through bridges, to entire topsides weighing tens of thousands of tonnes. Our jacking systems can be used in combination with strand jacks and skidding solutions to precisely manoeuvre loads to the required location.

Skid systems are designed to make safe and precise horizontal movements and, as such, are an effective means of moving plant and structures in confined or restricted environments. The movement equipment has hydraulic skid shoes with stainless steel bases, which move over low – friction block.



Accurate weighing is essential for establishing that lifting and transporting methods are totally appropriate and ensuring that work is carried out as efficiently and cost – effectively as possible.

With our extensive range of equipment. Through our engineering calculations we can provide information on weight and centre of gravity with incredible accuracy to ensure the safest and most cost – effective solution. By effering this additional service, Silamas can handle the full heavy lifting scope.


Load Testing

Every item of loose gear should be tested with a proof load. After being tested each lifting appliance (including its accessories) and all loose gear should be examined so as to ensure that no part of the lifting appliance or loose gear has been damaged during the test.


Stuffing / Unstuffing

Equipment Rental